Monday, April 26, 2010

What is the best/fastest way to remove a pimple?

I have 2 that are popped but are really red and they arent going away, whats the best way to make them go away FAST??|||soak them in warm water, not super hot, by taking a shower or putting water on a washcloth then placing on the area,,,, do this for about 15 minutes, then press gently with two fingers,, down on either side of the pimple,,, it should come out,, keep pressing gently till all of it is out and clear fluid/oil , comes out,,,, then pat dry,,,,, leave to let the pore shrink down,,, you can a little later pat it with cool water,,,if it doesnt come out, try again a few hours later, soaking in warm water,,, etc|||ishould try that! that%26#039;s a verry good anwser! Report Abuse
|||you should get some clean and clear astringent the orange one it works dam good but you have to put some on a cotton ball and press it against your pimple for a couple of minutes then put some oxy on it and it will be gone or very small the next day i guess it dries them out i don%26#039;t know but it does work|||read tips on treating acne, skincare and home remedies to help you more on this site|||Clean and Clear spot treatment..... I dk how fast it will work for you but it helps tons for me @ least!!|||Put toothpaste on them.|||clam down, when you are on that date, don%26#039;t talk about it if she ask, say hey, its natural, she probally gets them too. Dont worry we all get them!|||take a hot shower and pop it.|||does superman get spots?

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