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What's the best way to get rid of a painful pimple/boil?

I have a friend with a painful bump in his armpit. I tried to pop it like a pimple for him, but there is no opening for the accumulation of fluids to escape. There doesn%26#039;t seem to be an ingrown hair of any sort, but rather some type of inflammation under the skin. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? I thought about popping it with a needle, but so far he%26#039;s against it. Its also rather large; about the size of a peanut.|||If it is a pimple or boil, then you could try a drawing salve from the drugstore, like Epsal (epsom salts ointment with the acne stuff aisle) or Iccthymmol ointment (behind the pharmacy counter)...ask the pharmacist..both are over the counter...but if it is painful might be best to go to the doctor or the ER and get it lanced and antibiotics and pain meds...

epsal is white and Iccthymmol is black...|||Here are some simple remedies if you are interested you can try them out, tomato slices, turmeric, papaya juices and home made packs will treat existing pimples and prevent further problems. More remedies at the link below.|||if it%26#039;s really a pimple then my technique will help !

* take 10-12 leaves of the neem tree

* put a few drops of water in it(according to need) %26amp; then grind it

* put a pinch of turmeric powder(haldi) in it %26amp; mix them, put a few drops of water again if required to mix them

* then you will find a yellowish-green paste(not liquid)

* then apply it on that pimple %26amp; keep it there till it dries

* wash it after it had dried

* pat dry from towel

* it will show the results from first use|||Go to the Pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist about the Ointment to draw. I%26#039;m not saying this just right but there is a Ointment specifically to pull out the puss or whatever . Does not need a RX and works great.

Do NOT, as other say, LANCE this for you could start up a huge problem not knowing exactly the source of this BOIL.

If the ointment doesn%26#039;t work, go see a DR.( it is never advisable to cut, lance or squeeze) any unknown imperfection ON the Skin, it could end up in a disaster.|||Wow, the size of a peanut?

I had a bump under the skin (much smaller than that though) and recently had it removed by a doctor. It was caused from irratation from shaving, and there was no way for the fluid in it to be released (hair folicle closed up or something). It started off small, grew a little bit... not painful for me, just annoying and in the way.

The doctor just put some numbing cream on the area, lanced it with a needle, and then squeezed the stuff out. OUCH! For three days afterwards I had to put a warm, wet compress on it for 15 minutes at a time and then squeeze out any excess fluid.

Since you%26#039;re friend%26#039;s bump is so big, I%26#039;d say his best bet is to just go in to a doctor and have him/her extract it for him. More of a chance of it healing properly that way too.

Kind of a gross story, but I hope it helps you. :) Good luck!|||soak sum cotton wool in hot water(not boiling just hot to touch) then put it on the boil,it works by opening paws and absorbing the boil,it mite need doing daily. a old lady told me a hot teabag is just as good but i haven%26#039;t try-ed it|||My Grandmother always used Vick salve to draw things to a head, so they could be popped. This really does work on anything that needs to be launched. I have used it for this for years. I am not sure that you should be launching anything as large as a peanut.|||You shouldn%26#039;t be attempting to lance his cyst. You don%26#039;t know what the lump is. Even though it doesn%26#039;t present itself as such, it could be an ingrown hair. It could also be a pimple, but it could be an inflamed lymph node. If the lump is painful, your friend should go to his local emergency room and have a doctor there look at it. If it%26#039;s not painful, he can try applying warm compresses. That will help to bring any fluid inside toward the surface and it may drain on its own. Definitely do not try to lance it yourself. If its going to be forced opened, it needs to be done under sterile technique to avoid infection.|||Squeeze it with a pair of pliers.|||OUCH! Here%26#039;s a couple of ideas. First I%26#039;d put a hot compress on it (hot as you can stand it tap water for about 10 minutes). I%26#039;d do this a couple of times. That should soften it up. Lancing it (using a needle to pop it) might not be as painful then. Neosporin can help get rid of bacteria under the skin and I%26#039;d apply that three times a day and see if it makes any difference. Tea Tree Oil (found at any healthfood store) can also help a lot. I%26#039;d try some of these remedies for another two days. If it hasn%26#039;t improved (significantly) I%26#039;d see a doctor. It could be a cyst or worse. Best of luck to your friend, boils are very painful! Also, once the boil is popped, I%26#039;d put hydrogen poroxide on it to kill any germs and then put neosporin on it 3x a day. A%26amp;D ointment can help prevent scarring as well, after it%26#039;s popped and scabbed over, putting A%26amp;D will significantly reduce scarring (which may not be important on an area no one really looks at...) Best of luck to you.|||I would try a product like Boil-ease, it has worked for me. I had the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago. Put some on a gauze strip and tape it on with medical tape after cleansing. That should do the trick, or at least make it a little more comfortable. If it doesn%26#039;t go down in a couple of days, see a doctor. Good luck!|||go to a doc

maybe a swollen lymph node|||Do not squeeze this bumb anymore!!

Try hot compress.

Do not squeeze. It will tunnel and make more of them, and it requires a doctor!!

Please go see a dermatologist ASAP!!

they may need to give your friend anti-biotics.

Or inject the bumbs so that the swelling will come down.

never lance this on your own.

Squeezing these boil cysts makes them tunnel and spread under the skin and causing the conditon to worsen

go to dr. ASAP|||apply fullers%26#039; earth liberally.

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