Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What are these red pimple like bumps and blister like bumps on the shaft of my penis?

im 15, im a virgin, i havent been touched on my penis by any girl, i have had no sexual contact or transmission. i do masturbate evryday (which i have heard that is healthy but then again causes these sort of bumps). i just need help, i highly doubt it is an STD, i just wanna know what they are, n if i can get rid of them.|||bro im sorry i know that hurts but i have the solution go get some hydro cortisone cream from a supermarket or pharmacy ...rub it in twice a day for one week and it should clear it right up|||I think you have some kind of virus.

You HAVE to go to the Dr. right away.

People get all kinds of weird things that have

no rhyme or reason.

Just tell your folks something doesn%26#039;t seem right, or look right

down there and you think that you should get it checked out.

You might be allergic to any creams or lotions if you use them.|||r u using some kind of lubricant when masturbating?? if so it may be an alergic reaction....or maybe ur js rubbing way 2 hard....masturbating 2 much does create probs like this......i wouldnt worry 2 much about it....js lay off ur dick 4 a while......|||Must be something teen boys go through nowadays because this question is asked a lot.|||Are you rubbing yourself to hard? Loosen your grip.|||it%26#039;s not an std its probably just irritated|||They are raised hair follicles they are fine|||or if you shave it could be ingrown hairs.|||wow dude lol its hair buds. thats where your pubes grow out of duh|||use lube|||Dude that%26#039;s ******%26#039; sick! pop those bitches!|||you better make sure you wash your hands before and after

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