Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to prevent a pimple from coming?

i can feel the pimple under my skin and i kno its going to come is there any way i can prevent it from coming? are there any home remedies that dont cost alot?|||You could try a few things:

Ice it a few times a day to keep inflammation/redness down. Bacteria that causes acne flare-ups thrive in heat. Also, wash your face with room temperature or cool water.

Try a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide morning and night.

Don%26#039;t go skimp on your sleep. Skin repairs itself faster with adequate rest.

Stay away from food high in iodine (the only proven food trigger for acne). This can include seaweed, shellfish, mostly food from the sea...|||put a spot remover on it, i like neutrogena 8hr stuff (doesnt actually take 8 hrs, more like 2 days)

just keep washing your face 2-3 times a day so it can%26#039;t get too oily.

i used to use tea tree oil which is inexpensive...

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