Monday, April 26, 2010

How do I get rid of an open and peeled pimple?

It is HUGE and really red/irritated because i popped it and peeled off the skin for that part (it was tempting, I know I shouldn%26#039;t have done it...). What can I do about it overnight to make it significantly better in the morning? I heard toothpaste is really too harsh and drying, and it%26#039;s pretty dry already.|||If you%26#039;ve peeled off the skin it is now officially an open wound. My suggestion would be to disinfect it with rubbing alcohol, same as when you get a cut or scrape on your arm, and put some Vitamin E oil on it. Vitamin E oil is available at any drug store and makes burns, cuts, scrapes heal really quick. I%26#039;ve done the same thing you have and used vitamin E oil with great results. The oil looks greasy so you would think it will give you zits, but just keep it on the wound and you%26#039;ll be ok. And don%26#039;t pick at it or prod it.

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