Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do I get a pimple to come to a head?

Ive had a pimple for days, it wont come to a head, Ive tried hot compressess, acne medicine from a dertomatoligist which usualy works in a day, nothing is helping.I even tried poking it with a needle, that didnt do a thing, make it worse or better.|||Sounds more like a boil. Sometimes they never do come to a head.|||NEVER....EVER...EVER...EVER try to bust a zit with a needle!!! EVER...NEVER. Put a dollop of toothpaste on it.|||mmm... I dont know what you can use for that but I do believe that to reduce redness of a pimple you can put on a few eye drops - it reduces swelling aswell... because eye drops stop the capillaries from going red in the eye... it works on pimples too.

Good Luck with the Zit!!!|||Try a few drops of Philippine Native Lemon, it really works.|||Try some hydrogen peroxide. I think that works.|||Herbal Treatment For Acne


Acne remedies at home


Dr Murads Acne Complex


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