Monday, April 26, 2010

How to quickly dry up or get redness out of pimple?

I had a big cystic pimple I left alone for 2 weeks until it got too big and red so I put a hot compress on it and popped it. Now it%26#039;s all swollen and red. I tried toothpaste and that doesn%26#039;t work but I need the redness out by tomorrow. What can I do?|||Ive tried toothpaste, it dried it up and made it feel like it was burning, then caused a scab and a huge scar. NEVER. try. TOOTHPASTE!

My sister said that some kinds of eyedrops that take away redness and irritation from our eyes can do the same for pimples. (My sister had the worse case of acne and now her skin is so clear and so clean looking there is literally no pimple in sight)

Since its swollen, ice might help. Cause ice helps whatever is swollen.

Just never ever try toothpaste because it just irritates skin by drying it out.|||Do Not Touch It!

playing with it will only cause it to become more irritated and stay so longer.

I would advise you to ask your mom or dad to go the store (any grocery store or drug store, cvs, target, walmart, etc) and get a pimple spot control (i recommend clean and clear invisible blemish treatment - it is a little clear tube with a purple cap) and place a tiny amount on the pimple every few hours for the rest of the day, and then once again before you go to bed. When you wake up tomorrow, put a bit of concealer on it - just a tine bit will do, and make sure to bled it in well. (if you dont use any form of foundation normally ask your mom to borrow some, and she can probably help you apply it)

and then the big thing to remember is not to touch it! tomorrow your going to want to constantly touch it, play with it, squeeze it, etc to see if its still there. Of course it wont go away completely, but doing this will only rub off the make up - and again irritate it more.

Changes are its not as bad as you think it is, and people arent going to notice it unless they see you touching it.

And remember, everyone gets a pimple at some point - it will go away.

Hope this helps! :]|||7 Ways to get rid of pimples;id=47960|||Ahh! To toothpaste NO NO NO toothpaste on acne. It can burn your skin and make it worse.

Just stick to acne products (face wash, and use rubbing alcohol, then spot treat with acne cream to dry up the bacteria).|||Break an asprin pill in half and wet it with water a little bit. Then rub it on the pimple. It should dry it out!

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